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Take your personal yoga practice to the next level by joining Brianna and Mimi in Bali, Indonesia, for a transformative 200-Hour yoga teacher training course. This 21-day course will be held on various dates in Ubud, Bali. Swadhyaya Yoga School is a Registered Yoga School with the Yoga Alliance, USA. We are excited to take you to this magical land of daily offerings, water temples, incredible food, sweet people, mystical mountains, vibrant jungles and much much more. Brianna Persall, Yoga Instructor, Well Daily Founder, and Mimi Adeogba, International Yoga Instructor, Lifestyle Coach and Podcaster, will be there to lead this transformative experience – one that will guide you to tap into the power of your deepest intuition and embodiment while soaking up sacred Bali. Bali is magical, and will be your home for the next 22 days, where we will reside at The Ark Ubud, an internationally known and loved retreat destination. It’s easy to see beyond the hype as soon as you arrive and feel the warmth of the island, the people and the culture. We wanted to be in the rice paddy fields so that we could feel the genuine, authentic pulse of Ubud, the rivers, the culture and be close to the holy water temples. Prepare to open your heart, body and soul to a life of self-inquiry, tradition and ritual -- which you will experience every single day.

What's Included

What's Included

22 days at Seraya Shores

2x Daily Yoga Classes

Daily Meditation & Pranayama

RYT 200 Certificate

3 Delicious & Healthy Meals Daily

Fresh Drinking Water and Herbal Teas

Course Materials & Student Playbook

Visits to Sacred Temples

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This is perhaps a big, life changing decision and you've probably got some questions. Book a discovery call to meet your instructors, receive answers, and gain clarity about this course and it's suitability for you. 

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Expert Yoga Instructors

Expert Yoga Instructors

Highly experienced, internationally acclaimed yoga instructors empower you with diverse teaching skills.

Learn Holistic Business Skills

Learn Holistic Business Skills

Gain practical skills of; social media, branding and marketing to create a purpose driven brand that attracts your ideal client.

Cultural Expereinces

Cultural Expereinces

Meet the un-expecting wonders of the Balinese surroundings and traditions.

Vibrant Food

Vibrant Food

Plant-based, organic and locally sourced food to nourish the body, mind and spirit.









Seraya Shores

A boutique beachfront, Balinese-style retreat centre with mesmerizing ocean views, tropical gardens and an infinity pool.

Nestled on the shores of East Bali within its own private coastline bay, Seraya Shores is surrounded by natural beauty and tucked away from the hustle and bustle. The calm and serene environment and proximity to the ocean invites students to refresh their bodies and relax their minds, whilst being free from any external disturbances. 

This beautiful property is meticulously designed to embrace you into the enchanting bounty, beauty and bliss of Bali. Each spacious room features an A/C and a private sitting area, along with a terrace overlooking the sea. Enjoy.

Our daily practice takes place in a beautiful open-air yoga shala constructed with a Balinese-designed structure with stunning views of the ocean and a refreshing sea breeze. After practice, take a dip in the stunning infinity pool, or a stroll along the beach, which runs along the edge of the property. Enjoy breathtaking sunrises and sunsets every day in this tropical oasis. 

Seraya Shores


Beachside Bungalow (private)

Beachside Bungalow (private)

Wake up to a cool sea breezes flowing softly through your private bungalow — complete with your very own tranquil deck overlooking the ocean. Queen-sized bed. Ensuite private bathroom with hot shower and western toilet. A/C and WiFi included.

Oceanview Suite (shared)

Oceanview Suite (shared)

Be lulled to sleep by the sounds of waves breaking on the shoreline in this exceptional shared suite overlooking the ocean. Ensuite shared bathroom with hot shower and western toilet. Single beds. Maximum 3 guests per room. A/C and WiFi included.

Couple in Seaside Villa (private)

Couple in Seaside Villa (private)

A spacious, yet cozy room for two! Enjoy your private villa with an open-air deck overlooking the sea made with traditional Balinese natural carved timbers. Queen/king bed. Ensuite private bathroom with hot shower and western toilet. A/C and WiFi included.







Upon being greeted at the airport by your driver, you'll be whisked off to the tropical paradise that is Seraya Shores. You'll kick off the yoga teacher training with a week filled with introductions — to your classmates, your teachers, the staff, the facility, as well as the course material, philosophy, anatomy and Hatha Yoga asana foundations.
You will be welcomed into this lush tropical nature and a culture characterized by a deep spirituality with an Opening Ceremony fit for the god/goddess in you. Each evening enjoy delicious, healthy group dinners and begin building lifetime connections with other fellow seekers on the path of self-inquiry with you.
As the week unfolds, you will learn meditation practices, mantra chanting, cleansing practices, asana, pranayama. At the close of the week enjoy an optional cultural experiences such as excursions to a local water temple, water palace, postcard beaches, trekking, or water gardens. 




Continue your studies of anatomy and physiology of yoga, philosophy, pscho-physiology of yoga and the Self. Each day begins with an herbal tea bar where you can create your own tea or, select from the prepared tea, followed by your daily cleansing practices. As you deepen your awareness of Self, you will continue to be greeted with daily energizing Hatha yoga classes followed by wholesome and hearty breakfasts. After a bit of theory, unwind with sumptuous healthy daily lunches. Then, settle in to methodology and lifestyle practices with examples how you can continue to bring yoga to life when you return home. End each day with Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow, or Restorative, Yin and a meditation practice (which could be anything from Kirtan, japa meditation, yoga Nidra, silent sitting). Wind down with delicious dinner and inviting, stimulating conversations each evening. 

Enjoy a much lighter optional excursion at the close of this week, intended to ensure sufficient time to complete any homework or prepare for your final week — where you will take the reins and increase your teaching during asana classes. Spend your weekend on your own for lunch or join your classmates for some shopping and optional activities, such as waterfalls visits, local beaches, or temples.

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With your brief stay in paradise coming to a close, you begin harnessing the power of your authentic teaching voice by leading your own asana classes. You will receive gentle, constructive feedback from your classmates and teachers to assist you in evolving your teaching practice and sequences. Having all the tools and being fully knowledgeable and confident in your self and teaching practices of postures, breath practice, mantras, meditation and more. 

The training culminates in a special Closing Ceremony and a final tasty breakfast, where you'll say your goodbyes and depart for your next destination — whether that be somewhere else on this beautiful island or returning home.

We'd love to meet you

As lifelong students ourselves, we understand the importance of surrounding yourself with impeccable teachers. Come chat with us to get a sense of our teaching background and style to see how it aligns with what you're seeking.

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"I had the best experience in my life. These journey will stay in my life forever. I enjoyed the place, the training, the food, the attitude - everything. Teachers are professionals and even if you would like to talk with them outside the training schedule - they will always find the time for you. Even now when I finished my studies, I still have a contact with teachers and I can ask advise. I would definitely recommend to do your YTT here. Amazing!"

What Evita had to say:

I cannot express my gratitude for the experience I had in this school. I feel like the richness of life long wisdom and experience that is taught here is worth every penny. The curriculum is complete covering all aspects of yoga and is taught in a beautiful environment. Mimi is amazing, you can truly feel how passionate she is whilst teaching! Thankyou

What Thea had to say:

"My 200 hour RYT with Swadhyaya was a positively shifting moment in my life! This rigorous program has provided a wealth of knowledge that encourages me to delve deeper into Yoga. Mimi and Brianna are extremely committed and passionate teachers/healers. Their presence is a walking testament of their practice - exuding peace and warmth. The program is demanding but with constant guidance and encouragement throughout the journey. Teachers are accessible for individual discussions to aid any further specific guidance. The setting is wonderfully integrated with nature allowing one to feel more conscious connections coinciding with the philosophical teachings. The curriculum touches base on the practice holistically - including philosophy, anatomy, methodology, and business. Overall class structure/material chronology is mindfully sequenced to facilitate student’s natural learning progression. Parallel asana/teacher practice aids integration of esoteric materials covered in class. Highly recommend Swadhyaya to anyone looking to exponentially expand their knowledge of Yoga! I look forward to continue my 300 hour RYT journey with them!"

What Kevin had to say:

"My month-long 200 hr YTT with Mimi was the best month of my life. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring, and passionate about this. The training was thorough and comprehensive, with a traditional Hatha focus. We learned anatomy, methodology, history, asana, and meditation- practicing asana 4 hours a day. I walked away from this training with a newly lit fire from within and passion for yoga and teaching that continues to grow to this day. Highly recommend!!!!"

What Alice had to say:

What Students are Saying

Students from across the globe unite for this special journey together. Here’s what they shared about their experience:


Well Daily + Swadhyaya Yoga School have designed courses in the most comprehensive and unique way, empowering you to stand apart as an inspired yoga teacher. The path of yoga is steeped in tradition; and, has been evolving and cultivating spiritual awareness and mindfulness practices among spiritual aspirants for millennia.

The 200-hour curriculum establishes the postures for the students and introduces Sanskrit terms for each asana. (Beginner to Intermediate instruction). In addition, students are encouraged to understand and utilize Sanskrit terms (in addition to English terms) when referring to each posture. Prerequisite: Some exposure to yoga through public classes or videos, with a minimum of 2 years of practice. Practice need not be consistent (i.e., 1-3 days a week). No prior teacher training certificate required.

- Yoga Philosophy: Introduction to Yogic Lifestyle in modern times, Historical Evolution of Yoga, Paths of Yoga, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, introduction to Hatha Yoga Pradipika

- Anatomy and Physiology of Yoga: Therapeutic benefits of Asana and Pranayama, precautions, and contraindications on 7 key organ systems of the human body.

- Asanas: Proper postural alignment, variations of different postures

- Pranayama: Basic breathing practices

- Yoga Teaching Methodology: Demonstration of Asanas and their variations.

- Classification, cueing and sequencing of Yoga Asana, per traditional understanding based on Chakras.

- Adjustments of common misalignments, hands-on and verbal assistance techniques.

- Mantras, Chanting, Mudras, Kriyas, and Lesson Planning.

- Yoga Nidra and Meditation

- Teaching Practice: Testing and sharing your teaching skills with your co-teachers.  (Module 3)

- Career: Business of yoga, communication skills and safety norms. (Module 3)

Yes. You will be qualified to teach beginner to intermediate level practitioners upon completion of your 200-hour training. You will be qualified to teach all levels of practitioners after your 300- and/or 500-hour registered yoga teacher training course. Your ability to teach will be reinforced by your commitment to your personal practice and continued self-study.

The Yoga Alliance®️ is the largest non-profit association representing the yoga community. Their mission is to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga through various initiatives.( Swadhyaya Yoga School School is Registered with the Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Alliance is a non-profit membership organization representing the interests of the yoga community. To register as a member of the Yoga Alliance, click here to create a profile. Follow the steps provided to complete your registration. You will need to upload your Swadhyaya Yoga School School certificate and pay a fee. Check out the fee schedule here

Note: Yoga Alliance does not certify its members. Their credentialing system is a directory, not to be confused with other types of credentialing systems (such as certifications, accreditations, licensure, etc.).

To register as a Yoga Alliance Professional with the Yoga Alliance, UK, visit their website at

No. There are classes on Saturdays and you will be immersed in trainings six days per week. However, students do have the option to relax on Sundays or join fellow classmates and staff on cultural excursions.

A 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training course is a comprehensive program designed to teach future yoga teachers practical hands-on and theoretical aspects of Yogic philosophy and lifestyle in a manner that allows yoga aspirants and instructors alike to elevate their practice and simultaneously conditions them to become knowledgeable, credible and compassionate teachers. The curriculum is designed to deliver this training during 200 hours of experiential practice, written assignments and discourse.

"RYT 200" is an acronym which stands for Registered Yoga Teacher 200-Hour. "200-Hour" means you have studied and accumulated 200 hours of information and study time. It typically means that the yoga aspirant has endeavored to augment their awareness of the principles which form the foundation of yoga: such as the moral and ethical codes, discipline, mindfulness, inner awareness, all qualities which promote a well-rounded human being and productive contributor to society. Or at least, that is our intention. 

Yes. You can join our course if you are completely new to yoga. We do ask, however, that you spend some time studying a little bit about what it is you are getting into. You can do this by reading books, attending yoga classes, speaking to others who are practicing yoga regularly. Yoga is more than just exercise and being physically fit. It is a way of life. To practice yoga is to practice mindfulness and the purpose of the postures that have been popularized in the west is so that the student can remain in seated meditative postures for longer periods of time. Click here to see a recommended reading list that our highly qualified and skills yoga practitioners have compiled.

Yes. While your days are relatively full from sunup to sundown, the daily schedule has amply apportioned free time for rest and self-study. Classes are six days a week and Sundays are a rest day, the perfect time to pamper yourself or take in the sights. If you would like some assistance, one of our staff will be happy to make suggestions and assist with arranging activities of your choice.

Yes. Students come to learn with Swadhyaya Yoga School from all over the world from an array of cultures. To date, we have representation from students from over 120 countries around the globe.

Swadhyaya Yoga School advances expression, education and awareness of Hatha, Ashtanga, and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. While the focus will be on these practices, we may also explore other styles of yoga, such as Restorative, Yin, Iyengar, Children’s and Elderly. The latter practices, hold a secondary role in the practitioners' studies with us.

Hatha yoga is a branch of yoga derived from one of the six schools of Hinduism. It is the science of yoga which purifies the whole physical body by means of shatkarma (six cleansing practices), asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practices), mudra (seals), bandha (locks) and concentration, as a prelude to raja (Kingly) yoga and samadhi (higher state of awareness commonly referred to as “bliss”). All of which are explored during your teacher training program.

Ashtanga Yoga is understood by the yogic scholar as the eight-limbs of Sage Patanjali: yama (moral code), niyama (self-restraints), asana (posture), pranayama (breathing practices), pratyahara (sense withdrawal), dharana (concentration), dhyana (meditation), samadhi (bliss). Ashtanga Yoga is often confused with the popularized vinyāsa style of yoga developed by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in 1948. Both the origin and sequences developed by Jois, as well as Patanjali’s teachings, will be explored during this yoga teacher training course.

- Airfare

- Visa

- Travel Insurance

- Juice and Smoothie Bar*

- Airport transfer*

- Laundry Services*

*Available for an additional fee

Final payments are due 60 days before the start date of the training. 

If cancellation takes place within 7 days of booking the training, 100% of the paid training price, minus your deposit, is refundable. Cancellation requests must always be submitted in writing. 

Cancel Under 60 Days Prior to Course Start Date

If you submit a written cancellation request less than 60 days from the training start date, unfortunately we cannot issue a refund for your deposit or the training itself. However, we can transfer the booking to another training of equal value, at no extra administrative cost.

Cancel 60-120+ Days Prior to Course Start Date

If you submit a written cancellation request more than 60 days from the training start date, you can be refunded for the cost of the training, minus your deposit. However, we can transfer the booking to another training of equal value, at no extra administrative cost.

We recommend participants purchase travel insurance when making travel plans, and highly encourage them to purchase trip cancellation insurance. Look for terminology similar to, “cancel for any reason,” to protect against the rare chance of cancellation. We suggest Travel Guard Insurance or Kanna Travel Insurance and choose from several policy options.


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